January 7 and 8, 2023

Venue :  EIDE - Ecole Internationale Differdange

(Secondary Building)
6 rue John Ernest Dolibois   L-4573 Differdange





RTL - 24 Stonne Schach zu Déifferdeng  ... voilà !








































































- What is the format of the Marathon? 
We propose 3 independent tournaments in 24 hours:  

1) The Léon Barthel Cup, a Rapid tournament of 11 rounds (Time control: 15 min + 3 seconds per move)
2) A Blitz tournament of 24 rounds (Time control: 4 min + 2 seconds per move)
3) An on the board Bullet tournament of 21 rounds (Time control: 2 min + 1 second per move)

You can choose to play 1, 2 or all 3 tournaments.  

* The Rapid tournament consists of a full Swiss tournament of 11 rounds.
* The Blitz tournament consists of a 13-round Swiss qualifying tournament, at the end of which the top 12 players qualify for an round-robin Group "A" (11 rounds) while the players ranked 13th to last in the qualifying tournament compete in a Swiss format "B" tournament (11 rounds)
* The Bullet tournament is a full Swiss tournament of 21 rounds. It will be the first ever on the board bullet tournament in Luxembourg!  

- What is the schedule?  
* Saturday, January 7  8.30am - 9.45am: Check-in and license verification
* 10am - 8pm: 11 rounds Rapid (Coupe Léon Barthel) with lunch break
* 8pm - 9.30pm: Dinner break
* 9.30pm - 6.30am: 24 rounds Blitz and breakfast break
* Sunday, January 8  7am - 10am: 21 rounds Bullet
then departure of the participants  

- How to register?  
Registration to:
marathon.diff2022@gmail.com  or alexis.cahen@skema.edu  or +33 7 86 72 44 25
Registration until Friday 06/01 at 10pm  ( No registration on site possible!)  
Single registration fee:
- Rapid: 20€
- Blitz: 15€ 
- Bullet: 5€ 
- Combined 3 tournaments: 35€
Free for GM/IM/WGM/WIM                      

- What prizes?  
3000 euros of prizes for all are provided:  
- Rapid: - 500/300/200/100/50 to the first 5  - U20: 55/25/15  - Female players: 60/30/20  
- Blitz: - Group A: 300/200/100/50/25 to top 5  - Group B: 150/100/50/25/10 to top 5  
- Bullet: 150/100/50/25/10 to the first 5  
- Combined: 200/100/50 to the first 3  

Attention: These prizes are guaranteed if a minimum of 100 participants are registered for each one of the 3 tournaments, otherwise they will be adjusted on a pro rata basis  
Each tournament will be followed by a short prize-giving ceremony  

- How to eat and acommodate?  
A refreshment stand will be open 24 hours a day to help you get through this real sporting event! You can find coffee, water, energy drinks, energy bars etc...  
In addition, we will propose you lunch on Saturday morning, dinner on Saturday evening and breakfast on Sunday morning!  
For those who want to come the day before the Marathon, or stay on Sunday afternoon to rest, you can find hotel rooms or Airbnb near Differdange.  

- How to get to Differdange?  
- By car Differdange is 40 min from Thionville, 1h from Metz and Trier, 1h15 from Saarbrücken, 1h30 from Nancy, 2h20 from Reims, Strasbourg and Brussels, 3h45 from Paris, etc. 
- By train you can easily reach Luxembourg-City, then in 35 min by regional train or 30 min by bus to Differdange.    
Feel free to contact us for further information !

See you soon in Luxembourg